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Not Too Basic Checker Shirt


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Color: Blue

  • Blue

Size: S

  • S
  • M
  • L
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"When you can't decide whether to go bold with your shirt or not
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Blue - S In stock
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  • Top
  • Short sleeve
  • Relaxed fit
  • Collar
  • Check pattern
  • Composition:100% polyester
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Customer Reviews

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Katlyn MacMillan

Put a long sleeve t under this and it's good for winter! Put it on with some utility pants and it's so cool. I love the fabric, but it can make you sweat a little more.

dev harris
new favorite

although cider's quality, in general, is not all there (opened up the package to find one button loose rolling around in bag), this piece is so insanely cool. the cut of it is very boxy and trendy, not too short not too long, it's very structured but the material is like gauze... very lightweight and perfect for the summer. color is true to images. plus, i can sew a button so it's not a big deal. highly recommend!!

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